Saturday, July 4, 2009

Jiron and Cotset ignore Elchi's breasts

Get your free breast rubs here.

Oh, and Propopiev makes translating hard with a pun. I pulled something out of my .ass for that because Denkou couldn't think of anything.


  1. good realese, this series is great

  2. This show? This show is pretty much the best, this show.

  3. thanks.This anime is really fun to watch

  4. What happened? Where are you guys? :(

  5. I've got a fever

    and the only prescription is

  6. Don't worry, we'll see this through to the end.

    We kinda forgot to synch up our vacation plans and ended up with some other obligations. We do suck for not announcing our break here, but it all just went so fast.

    Some work on the next episode is done, but can't say when it'll be ready for release. It's an incredibly emotional episode with Jiron Amos dieing in quicksand and stuff.