Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Good, the Bad and the Cute

Bad news: There won't be another episode until early August due to a bug in the subbing grid of our mobile fortress.

Good news: You'll get at least two episodes in the next release for sure, probably more.

Now enjoy episode 33:

1,5 l Coke

0,33 l Diet Coke


  1. Ha ha ha, Timp is such a great villain.

  2. Thanks as always for your work,your efforts are appreciated.

  3. Thanks again Dai. Keep on trucking!

  4. Tons of thanks, AXSUS! Looking forward to August!

  5. Great!! Thank you for this new episode. I read in /m/Subs that you could translate to english J9 series...I love that series specially Baxinger...I would like to translate it to spanish, but I don't understand japanese, so...Please, could you sub Baxinger??? :)

  6. Baxinger is definitely one of the shows on my list for stuff to consider once Xabungle is finished (other possibilities include stuff like Daiouja and Daltanias). The J9 series in general is a tricky one to translate though, since the characters have a tendency to use rare slang and other weird expressions. I can understand it well enough to watch raws, but I'm not sure if my Japanese is good enough to properly translate it. Some of our /m/subs buddies recently released the first two episodes of Braiger:

    There will be two more episodes of Xabungle released soon.

  7. Damn, the Alpha Gaiden timeline is slowly being translated as a whole...and I love it. I would definitely love to see Braiger translated sometime in the future. In due time, I suppose.

    For right now, I'm happy receiving my steady supply of Xabungle. Though I have to admit, I'm not entirely fond the direction they've taken it. The Iron Gear crew definitely needs Elche to keep the balance.

  8. I had the same worries when Elche got snatched out of the regular crew, I can however assure you that the show somehow becomes even better.

    With her absence side characters like Blume and Fatman get a chance to shine, while newcomers Katakam (gotta love that guy) and Virin prove to be incredibly entertaining. Naturally the Innocent point of view gets expanded on a lot too, and you'll see that even brainwashed Innocent Elche still retains many traits of the hysteric woman we all love.

    The best is yet to come...!

  9. Thank you for your answer. Any series you do next will be great...Regards :)