Tuesday, August 31, 2010

BATCH: The Torrent

Grab it over here.

As usual there have been some slight tune ups to previous episodes, which is why it took a bit to put together.

You can also grab this package containing the most up to date .ass files in a direct download. Handy if you have the raws or if you want to help out with seeding!


  1. Could we possibly get a list of which files have actually been altered?
    I'd love to pitch in with seeding, but want to be sure which ones are actually the proper files. Thanks!

  2. Only the .ass files for the first 5 episodes have changed, but I can't tell if you may have older versions of episodes we updated in the previous torrent.

    Your best bet is to just overwrite the files you have with the megaupload .ass package I uploaded.

    Thanks for seeding!

  3. Excellent. I was having issues with the 34-35 MU and this bypasses that nicely.

    Thanks again for your hard work, guys. I've been following (and enjoying) it since the beginning.

  4. Thank you very much!! Im know Xabungle from Srw alpha gaiden. But never haved the oportunity to see.
    Im from Argentina, and cannot find here (Xabungle subt in spanish)... because Im doing this little work of translate YOURS .ass files
    ONLY TO CULTURE (I hate Elchi!!!)

    sorry for borred! and See you before 3 days! ahahahahahha

  5. This show started out awesome and just gets better and better!
    Okay, I'm in genuine suspense now- What's going to happen to Elchi?!

    Thanks a million for Xabungle! :-)

  6. alack, he was eaten by koreans

  7. hahahaha!! Who can leave with Jiron love`s? :P
    Elchi or Rag? Im dont know... hahahahahahahaha

    "Im" back "to translate" yours subt again!!
    (but, the word need more people like Zanzoltan)

    This is about Casval Daikun Fansub, now is gone.
    But NEED A NEW NAME!!!
    We can rename C.D. Fansub now "Axsus Argentina"? If you disagree propose another name.

    I hope your response soon!