Monday, March 19, 2012

Re-upload VII: One Winged Xabungle

Go straight to Nexus, do not collect dead Kirk


  1. Begging your humblest apologies but would it not perhaps be wiser to finish the series first and revise it later?
    I simply mean that, wonderful as it is that things are finally moving again, one cannot anticipate the unforseen.

    Please forgive a simple suggestion. No offence is intended.

  2. These re-uploads have nothing new about them (they still use the older raw), so they aren't slowing down the progress on new episodes - the purpose of the weekly upload is to create a rough copy of Xabungle's original airing schedule for the 30th anniversary. I imagine we will finish the series in April or May based on my current translation progress.

  3. Damn Dai, that's some great news. If you ever need extra help don't hesitate to ask, there are plenty of us who love the work you've done.