Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Xabungle 49 released... by someone else

Wing1999 released a torrent of episode 49 earlier today. We'd like to invite him/her to join AXSUS, but there was no contact information included, so this post is an attempt at getting the word out there. If anybody knows more about Wing1999, please contact us either through the blog comments or by e-mail (my address is

EDIT: Mystery solved thanks to Nanto, see comments for the details.


  1. Probably because of the ICBM Toss.

  2. Whoever you are, Wing, we need you!

  3. It seems he has number 50 already too:

    Wing1999, lend us a hand!!

  4. I have some information about Wing1999. It won't be of any real help, but it might be of historical interest to some.

    Wing1999 is an anime fan from Japan, who was particularly interested in the works of Yoshiyuki Tomino. Back in the late 1990s, he had a website called the Xabungle Script Archive, where he posted scripts that he translated of the first six and last two episodes, and some Gundam 0079 scripts as well. These scripts were timed using a program called ZeroG (one of the last fansubbing softwares made before Sub Station Alpha revolutionized things by allowing timing to be done with a .wav file of the show’s audio.)

    Wing1999 wasn’t a fansubber himself, but merely a very helpful Japanese fan who wanted to make scripts of Tomino’s work available to English speaking fans. I actually used his scripts to make my own subtitle of episodes 1-4 from laserdisc. They needed a bit of editing (as do many translations done by non-native English speakers) and some re-timing, but I was very grateful to him for translating those episodes.

    Some time in the early 2000s Bandai USA announced that they would be releasing the entire Nippon Sunrise catalog on R1 DVD. It never happened of course, but Wing1999 stopped updating his site right around this time. That same announcement also effectively killed the Layzner Open Source Subtitling Project started by Erik of Lupin Gang Anime.

    Anyway, I would guess that the torrents of the last two episodes were created not by Wing1999 himself, but more likely by one of the people who does anonymous remasters of old school subtitles. I haven’t downloaded them myself so I don’t know if that person did any editing or retiming on the scripts, or just muxed them onto the video warts and all.

  5. Thanks for the information, Nanto. It's always interesting to know more about the history of previous attempts to sub Xabungle. I knew about your 4 episode effort, but not that Wing1999 was related to it.

    Oh, and keep up the good work. It's great seeing somebody subbing the old black and white shows too.

  6. Great job, Nanto. But I'm not anonymous. I'm a man who rip Taekwon:

  7. Soooo, is this ever going to get finished? Just curious.