Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

I decided to wait for 2012 to announce the good news: Sardien has confirmed that he is alive, though it sounds like the subninjas turned his life into a harem comedy. I hope we can push out a release or two some time soon.

Oh, and although Macross is getting all the attention, it's also Xabungle's 30th anniversary this year! A fitting year to finally finish subbing the show.


  1. Yay!!!!! Glad to hear everyone is okay. Happy new year guys (and gals):)

  2. oh yeah man !! MECHA always exist in this year 2012
    happy new year, wait and see PEACE!!!

  3. Sub-Ninja Harem... Oh dear... sounds like one of those anime shows like Bakuman, Comic-Party, Cosplay Complex...

    You know, the shows about the people who like the shows so much they do stuff relating to 'em...

    Make sure Sardien writes that stuff down, I'm sure he'd make a killing on the rights! :P

    As a sidenote, glad to hear that in the new year the team's spinning up for the last sprint!

  4. Glad to hear that you're still in the game.
    Indeed, the 30th anniversary is a fitting time to finish the project.
    Full speed ahead!

  5. Yes! Glad to hear that! Look forward to you guys wrapping it up soon. Thank you so much for your hard work! :D

  6. Thank goodness. I was beginning to watch this and as soon as I found out about the release freeze, I was like "Nooooo! I started watching a series that might not finish!"

    Anyways, I don't blame you for trying to finish it with the original team. It sounds like you were making the right choice. Fansubbing can be trying with dealing with all of the different lives (and non-lives) that people have

  7. Hi Axsus subtitler,
    So which #'s of XABUNGLE have been subbed? The links for #6&8 don't appear to work? Can you send a file by email? Or do you do free dubs if I supply the DVDs & s&h? Ive run a scifi / anime club now for about 25 years with over 2000 members worldwide and would very much like to give you my support. PLMK if you are interested. Also can you tell more about that 2011? TAEKWON ROBO V movie? Or the US GAIKING movie you mentioned? PLMK,

  8. So... what's going to happen now that MEGA UPLOAD has been stomped on?

  9. Hey guys, about your recent MegaUpload losses

    With no other way of knowing how to contact you, I wanna say I still, readily, have all your releases on my HDD, and with the recent Mega Upload crashout, I was wondering if there was anything I could do to help you guys get everything re-uploaded to the interwebs. Your call.

    1. That is, I have your Xabungle uploads!

  10. So I guess you guys will upload torrents and mediafire links since the Megaupload ones went south.

  11. Xabungle is great, but who can compete with the hilariously fun adventures of the real world?

    Damn sub ninjas! Let us finish the show!