Tuesday, January 24, 2012

On the subject of DDLs

I've been meaning to post about this for a while now, but Masoukishin II stopped me. As you know, our DDL releases were on Megaupload (Mega, mega, upload) and they are gone now. I haven't yet started to upload the episodes elsewhere because I'm waiting for it to become clear which DDL services are going to stick around in the aftermath. If anybody else wants to upload the episodes somewhere right now, you can do it (not that I could stop you even if I wanted to).


  1. I'll upload them to a place that one can "deposit files" in (hint hint, nudge nudge) right now, and then I'll jump onto the 1-37 batch torrent and seed it for dear life.

    Since my upstream is quite slow it will take some time for the files to upload, so if anyone with a faster connection wants to upload them elsewhere please do so.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for subbing this awesome series. I really appreciate the effort you put into this.

    1. nope… it keeps giving me timeout errors, so I doubt I'll be able to upload anything before either someone else does or the DDL sites all get taken down. I will therefore just stick to the batch torrent and possibly make one for 1-40 (or 38-40) if there is a need for it.

  2. Greetings from South America, people.
    Meanwhile, you may look for SMXsub1-40, it's for share (hint).
    Also, I'd like to know if I could use your subs in order to make a Spanish fansub for it.

  3. @Anonymous on the last comment: I'm making a spanish sub based on this version, but I've been REALLY busy these times, so I'm too slow.

    Maybe you can do it faster than me :D

  4. I uploaded the .ass files for 1-42 here: