Sunday, February 5, 2012

Xabungle 30th anniversary!

February 6th is the day Xabungle began to air in Japan in 1982. Unfortunately real life stopped us from having a new release ready for this day, but since we lost our old DDLs, I had a fun idea I could do instead: I'll re-upload every episode on the 30th anniversary of their original air date. Since it's already past midnight in Finland, here's episode 1 to get us started!


  1. Our batch torrent for episodes 1 to 37 is still up on Nyaa. The next one will come out once we finish the show.

  2. Nice idea, folks!!!!

    I'm tempted to start re-watching everything as they come out!!!

    But, you'll have to dish out those last ten eps in time to not disrupt the flow... ;)

    Thanks again for everything you've done!!!

  3. Where are the new three episodes done, translated and announced on november? Have you replaced Sardien? Oh yes, he reappeared but ZERO episodes were released.
    There's a LITTLE contradiction, don't you think?
    Nothing changed, so wathever it's said actually the facts prove that Xabungle is dropped.

  4. I understand that you are frustrated by all the delays, but I assure you Xabungle hasn't been dropped. We have nothing to gain from saying we will finish it with no intention of actually doing so. I know this probably isn't enough for you or others who feel the way you do, and I'm terribly sorry if you feel like you can no longer trust us. I don't know what else I could say.

  5. I'd say let's leave alone haters and take all the time you need to do a fantastic work as you did up to now.
    A labor of love, for which you are not paid and sure as hell do not need to give explanations whatsoever about your deeds.

    Me, I'm grateful someone did this. Even if the last episodes won't be released. Keep up the good work. I'd lend a hand if I could...

  6. Yeah, don't listen to those haters. we understand you have more things and more important things to do besides subbing Xabungle. You guys are doing a great job, just keep going.