Saturday, August 25, 2012

ICBM Toss! ver. AXSUS

Aim here

Next up, episode 50 ver. AXSUS. Coming soon to an internet near you.


  1. Awesome, Thanks dude!!!

  2. When the final episode is done and the batch is up, would you be open to the idea of muxing everything together into MKV files (so that the subtitles and video are in the same files). Here is an example of episode 25, containing both the regular and the insert song subtitles:

    If you do not feel the urge to mux it all together yourself, would it be OK if I muxed it all together and uploaded it to Nyaa as a batch torrent under the name of AXSUS? (I will be checking my files with the finished 1-50 batch torrent when it comes out, and I'll set the insert song to default (so that those users who don't want it can switch it off if they think it is annoying) as well as the HQ version of 43).

    I personally don't mind either way, since my media-player can handle both the regular and the insert song subtitles without having to rename anything, but some people might like it all to be in a simple one-click file for everything.

    1. Yeah, you can mux them. Sardien will time the first 42 episodes for the better raws at some point too, so you might want to wait for that batch unless you want to do it twice.

    2. I'll do it twice then.

      It is awesome to hear that you guys are going to fix the subs for the better raws, even if the end is so close. I just love it when people do stuff really good, but still strive to make it better.