Sunday, April 4, 2010

Episode 30 in mid-april

Well, I figure I should post something so that the April Fool's joke won't stay on top of the news! Episode 30 is gonna come in mid-April, after I'm done with my semester. After that I've got a job for summer, and that means less work than university, so you'll get a lot of episodes in summer! In fact, it all might finish before fall - make sure you stay tuned.

And now the rest of the post is just rambling about April Fool's and Taekwon V, so you can skip that if you like, or you can read if you like me.

The first plan was just to sub in our three native languages, but one guy couldn't make it and ~11 million speakers isn't a lot, so we thought of that joke. It was supposed to be "Xabungle is licensed", but Zeonic-Corps beat us to that, so we had to make up something. I know nobody seems to have bought it in the /m/ thread, I'm a bit sad about that but I'm also relieved that we didn't sadden too many folks. XD

I hadn't seen the .rar myself... oh god, this is terrible. This is a movie? Mazinger Z TV had better animation... Omg is that general Revil? What the hell is going on? Why is there a talking teapot?? What what there's a live action movie coming in 2010-2011!?!?
"We will strive to turn Robot Taekwon V into a world-famous brand winning hearts and minds of people around the globe as Mickey Mouse, Gundam, and Atom do"... huh... hmmm... sure. The worst thing is I know me and some other /m/ tripfags will buy tickets to see it in the Montreal movie festival of 2011. Well, it can't be worst than upcoming the american Gaiking CG movie... or can it.

I'm surprised there's actually someone who looked at out our obscure-languages-sub; I might do Quebec subs for myself just for the lulz in the future at the same time as the English ones, if you want them you can drop me a line at fggallant at gmail and I can feed you by email.

That's all!

See you in 1 or 2 weeks for another episode.


  1. Can't wait for Summer load of episodes then!

  2. Thank you in advance.

  3. Many thanks! :D

  4. Looks like instead of ripping off Great Mazinger when they made "super taekwon v" it was a rip-off of Xabungle....
    NO! you can't do that to my Xabungle!
    Hissatsu Xabungle Punch!

    Oh yeah, and thanks for everything!

  5. This episode was pretty lame, but I bet the next one will be smokin'.

  6. mucho thx btw, I probably would have never know what would have happened in this series anyway if you guys weren't hard at work translating this