Thursday, April 1, 2010

No more Xabungle - new project

You might have noticed that the time between the releases is getting longer and longer every time. I'll just tell the truth here... I'm not as motivated anymore. It's been more than a year, and the flame of passion I had about Xabungle has sort of died out. With university and all, it was getting hard for me to invest what little free time in translating something that I only liked moderately.

As a final Xabungle project, Dai and I translated episode 1 in our mother tongue, Finnish and Quebec French respectively. Knowing that there are only 5~6 million speakers of each, it was just a little treat for ourselves, and we've had fun with that.
raw for episode 1

However, that doesn't mean AXSUS is dead. While we know you'll be sad about the loss of Xabungle, we discussed and decided to start on a new series we know all Xabungle fans will love. As AXSUS was originally planning to release Xabungle Graffiti and then the TV series, this time we'll go with this formula. Here's the movie, and we'll start subbing the TV series next week, knowing that you Xabungle fans will like it:
Download here

That's all!


  1. The French subs are hilarious! I don't live in Québec, but I'm an Acadian from New-Brunswick, and I understand a lot of the slang...

  2. Pretty sure this is April fools.... hoping it is.

  3. will you one day reopen Xabungle also if tired of translating the show I willing to donate money so can hire translator

  4. Oh, you funny, funny bastards. I spent an hour downloading that!

  5. omg what did I download.

  6. When I started unpacking the rar and saw what it was, I was actually kind of hoping you guys had subbed it for reals.

  7. Hahahaha, I just finished watching it. Thanks for uploading the movie, it was hilarious. Classic "wait... WHAT" super robot craziness.

  8. I'm really hoping this is all some cruel, sick joke at our expense because this is one of the most entertaining anime series I've ever watched and there's absolutely no other way I can get this in English. :(

  9. Don't worry, this is just an April Fool. Xabungle will go on.

    Once my Korean skills get better, I might actually translate that Taekwon movie. If it hadn't been a last minute addition to the joke, I would have cooked up some hilarious fake subs for it.

  10. Very funny April Fool's Day joke!

  11. I have lost Xabungle. The final tiny thread of enjoyment in my life snaps before my eyes and I have lost the will to live.
    The pistol in my mouth will deliver me to ultimate oblivion. I hope my wife will be well taken care of with the money I leave behind, and try to understand the reasons behind my...
    Heeey, Waaaait a miiniiit....

  12. A.T.V.S.U.S?
    All for it?