Tuesday, April 27, 2010

This is snow joke

Well, mid April ended up being late April, but here's episode 30 for you guys.

See how Xabungle inspired Castlevania

Or just read the subtitles and imagine what's going on


  1. Hooray! Thanks, guys!

  2. "This is snow joke"... Dai, how do you come up with all these puns? I can picture you laughing creepily like Nadesico's Izumi while posting. I love it. XD

  3. Hey,you cats are killin',absolutely on the case.But,there's just one thing...How in the hell do i put the subs with the video? Can't figure it out.Anyway,long live Blue Gale Xabungle a.k.a. "The Bungler"!

  4. Denkou: It's more of a Scooby Doo sort of laugh.

    Anonymous: Most video playing software should be able to add the subs directly as long as both the video and the sub file are in the same folder. If this doesn't happen, check if there's an option for loading external subtitles. If there isn't, just download Media Player Classic, that should run the subs for sure.

  5. Weather sure is weird in Quebec sometimes, right?

  6. Thanks for the tips!God Bless...

  7. As long as you keep subbing I'll always be here watching!
    Thanks again!

  8. I dreamt a new xambungle episode was released. Drat!

  9. Are you a man who dreamed there was a Xabungle episode or a Xabungle episode that dreamed there was a man?

    I haven't heard from Denkou in a while, but I guess he's busy with some other stuff. Hopefully we can make that dream of a new episode come true soon.

  10. Any updates or news from Denkou?

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  12. Hi Thanks for all of your work!

    But ive ran into a problem with the episode 30 avi file. The error message states that the episode 30 avi file is corrupt..

    Please let me know if theres any updates